Really God? Again?

Time to talent up!

For Prophet

It is 12:45 a.m 11/5/2014.  Just a few hours ago (while it was  yet 11/4/2014) a lot hit me.  My last post spoke on my entertainment world and personal encounter of Divine Strategy.  I wanted to expound on not only the significance of such an encounter, yet what it means.  I would like to start off with me waking up yesterday morning wanting to anoint my head with oil and not knowing from the unction came to do so, but I did it.  I was having “My Day” yesterday, doing my new me thing.  I had a Divine Appointment with my new producer, received a text from 2 other producers/staff members and asked my mentor to also be apart of The Omai Show.  Yesterday was November 4th and 4 women were either considered and or communicated with about working on the show in their capacity.  4 represents a foundation and…

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Really God?

5, 10, 15, 20

For Prophet

Today was “My Day” and I knew it.  I spoke it and when I have an Abracadabra (“It is created as I speak it”) moment, it is real.   I woke up this morning considering to anoint my head with oil.  For me, that was not ever something I have desired to do, however I always pay attention to my “not evers”.  As I saw the bottle of oil on the table this morning, provided to me by my Apostle, I simply left it there and pulled up the scripture: Psalm 23 “Thou Anoint my Head with Oil” and took it that I should search and research before, as the saying goes in the African American world, “greasing my scalp”.  I thought to myself, “Why is God having me go over Psalm 23, that is as knowledgable as The Lord’s Prayer?”  Question on or no, I knew…

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This Is How I Praise

Omai Entertainment Group - TealIn the World of Success, specifically for me in Multimedia, life goes really fast or not at all.  The most disturbing aspects of having dreams is them not coming true and that’s a nightmare for anyone who is a dreamer.  It is high time to advance from survival into success.  God only knows how many mini-successes have gotten us through life, but that is not complete, not whole.  We survive because we have to, we are successful because we want to.  Through it all, we must be grateful, however there is a place where gratitude turns into all out worship.  Today we need to learn how to truly worship, I mean The Most High God if you thought anything else.  When you are tired of the here today-gone tomorrow life-style, let me share something extreme with you on this day – you will always, yes always, get used to always, have ups and downs.  However, please, do not stay on the rollercoaster from hell just because the emotional ups and downs are more thrilling.

As an eagle is in flight, how dare it just crash and burn because it dropped down a few scales on its journey.  It does not make a decision to just fall because the altitude decreases, it decides to upgrade when necessary or learns to adjust to the lower altitude for the moment, not just nose dive into impending death.  This is how people do, they sense a decrease in altitude which decreases aptitude and for darn sure diminishes their attitude and then they say ignorant things, like, “Maybe I wasn’t suppose to being doing that”, “Well I guess that wasn’t for me”.  In the text world I am: SMH (although I would rather use the one with the w at the beginning and f at the end here).  Ups and downs, in success mode, are revisions, updates, transformations.  Ups and downs in survival mode are losses, failures, set-backs, and hindrances.  Do you want to ride the rollercoaster and survive or soar the sky in success?  One is you at the mercy of the conductor, whoever they are and the other takes you facing strong and sudden wind patterns, flapping wings, and focus.  Looks like surviving is dependent on environment and circumstance tailored to you and success is interdependent of resources available to all.

Until you know what you are after in life, you will never feel nor be successful. Success starts when you stop being a champion survivor. Standing ovation, you did good, you have your gold medal, no one is going to strip you of it, yes, it is yours, now put it in a drawer, close it and move on.  We have such a high tolerance in this world for loserhood and mediocrity that everyone who is successful is without eye-squinting doubt in the “Illuminati” or have blatantly sold their souls directly to the devil, his wife and kids.  This is Loss-Thought mentality and definitely not the way to success by any means.  The mentality of: “They made it because of…” has to go, that is an excuse for you not to “make it because of”. You are the because in your life. I made it into my success because I always did so in praise.

Praise for God has been continually my mouth and I have always, in a host of dark and many minimal light days put my faith in something Higher than Omai. I am not the catalyst of my nor anyone’s life no matter what I have thought or tried and just to ensure I constantly know this, my life has consistently provided proof of it.  Too many people, especially unbelievers (in God, themselves, in you, in everything) want to be worshiped to waste your time for nothing.  Worship constitutes your focused energy going out from you to raise another’s energy with or without them knowing it.  Yes, this means when you have a separation of any kind and you are still speaking of anything involving it negatively or positively, you are worshiping.  Likewise, when you are involved in something and you are devoting your focused energy to it, you are beyond praising (being thankful and expressing it), you are worshiping.  Focused-energy, positive or negative, going out from you to anything or anyone is worship.

People want to be worshiped and link up with other self-worshipers and create an award-winning episodic drama of failure of expended energy. This non-ROI investment is an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs not success; it is survival down to pure emotional suicide.  In success, there will be ups and downs, but not by the hands of you constantly pulling others up to your level, chasing others to get on theirs, nor hoping for success to chase you down either. True successful people are always learning, teaching, expanding and going higher in their purpose (praise: expressing thanksgiving).  Once a master at surviving, it should be a great transition to training at being successful.

This is How I Praise: Practice success, focus your mind, heart, body, spirit to being true to yourself.  This means invest in yourself, don’t waste anyone’s time looking for them to do, nor waste your time investing in other’s lives so much you lose yourself in their world.  Take that praise into worship by expressing thanks in your hard work of your talents and being an example to others who have the same hopes and dreams.  It is okay to help someone along the way, but not where you are losing momentum, only where they are willing to keep up.  We all need help when we are aiming towards what we want in life.  Find your purpose, center yourself and focus on what you are hear on this earth to do and do it.  If it is not right, trust me, time will tell, but do not take a nose dive, keep at it, it will surely come.  Not giving up is being thankful, which is how you praise.  It is time to go higher.  Worship then would be not for any reason ever losing focus on your purpose provided to you by The Creator of All, that’s beyond praise!